Why is The Card Saviour different to the countless other playing card resale sites?

The answer is about price and motive. This website is founded by me, an 18-year-old from England who knows the horror of missing a release and searching desperately online for a good resale price all too well. 

Whilst other websites are driven by the notion of profit, The Card Saviour is driven by the notion of helping fellow collectors who were away from their phones at the wrong time. Missing out is horrible for card collectors and TCS is here to be your back-up plan for when this happens.

That's why our prices are low. Very low! No deck will ever be sold on this site for over a few quid (dollars for my American visitors) more than the original selling price. Ever.

The Saviour proudly ships worldwide with flat-rate shipping.

So next time you're away from your phone for that release you'd been waiting for, or you're not feeling up to a 2:00 am start to buy a few decks from halfway across the world, don't worry; The Card Saviour's got your back.