Our Plastic-Free Promise

We will never use plastic in our packaging. Almost every deck of cards is wrapped in cellophane today and, as much as I'm against this, it is not something I am in a position to change.

In the meantime, we will not contribute to plastic waste as a company in any way. We wrap our products in paper bubble wrap and pack them in cardboard boxes ready to be shipped to your door.

Regretfully, this job cannot be achieved without relying on other nasty things like big vehicles emitting big amounts of CO2. Not to mention the other ways that this company is probably being destructive that I'm too ignorant to know about.

But like any big movement, it's not about some superstitious-style abstention from anything and everything that could possibly cause damage, but to be aware of ways that I can limit the harm I cause as best as I can!

If you happen to be a designer reading this, please urge whichever card company you use to seek alternatives to cellophane.

Happy shopping,